Paul DePrizito

Paul E DiPrizito, aka Paul E, is a writer, researcher, inventor, and coach in many areas of health, nutrition, organization, and efficient lifestyles.

He has published several articles and books over the years such as I am? And the Italian cookbook Pass the Italian Bread. His most recent Chia Seeds: An Interview with Researcher William Anderson was just released on July 1st, 2011 and has a wealth of information on Chia seed. Paul has over 15 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry in marketing, sales, and efficiency management. He spent five years as founder and President of Pablo’s Nutraceuticals where he developed several products including vitamins, meal replacement shakes – including the great tasting and popular Pablo’s Micro-Whey – and Little Pablo’s Tiger Bites, a whole food chewable vitamin for children made with all natural ingredients. His products and design were based upon the unique trademark cartoon character that he cleverly created called Little Pablo. Check out his video at

Paul is also the founder and President of Carlyle Collection Publishing, a small publishing company and the home of his collection of books and articles.

In between Paul’s work and projects he has coached hundreds of clients in the world of health and nutrition, taking his organizational skills and knowledge of nutrition, and blending the two together for a more simple approach to health and healing.

Paul has worked for several fortune 500 companies over the last 25 years such as 3M, Lanier and Forest Pharmaceuticals.

He also founded and created Pablo’s Nutraceuticals, a five-year venture creating and selling unique protein drinks and vitamins for adults and children. Paul studied Nutrition and Business through the University of Wisconsin/Edgewood. Presently, his focus is on inventing products for companies, consulting, writing and coaching.

The type of person who would benefit from Paul’s coaching would be those who are overwhelmed and disorganized, those who are looking to take the ideal steps to make improvements in life no matter what program and goals they have.

If you want to clean up your lifestyle, internally and externally, and want to do it in an efficient way, Paul would be right for you