Why I Just Ate and Don’t Feel So Good?

Why I Just Ate and Don’t Feel So Good?
Digestive Issues

What is digestion really?

Many of us have experienced indigestion or at least something, we call indigestion. Digestion is the process of turning the food we eat into substances that the body can use at the cellular level. Our bodies use the food we eat as fuel. So digestion is the process by which the body uses the food we eat as the raw materials as the fuel necessary to repair and build new tissue.

For many people today eating or the aftermath of eating is not always a pleasurable experience.

These people suffer from digestion disorders. There are many others who are suffering but don’t know that the root cause is in the digestive system. Poor digestion affects energy, healing and repair, and general well being.

Our bodies cannot use the nutrients from the foods we eat unless it is properly digested.

Take for example lunchtime. Is this you? You are pressed for time so you stop at a fast food restaurant. You eat quickly… maybe even while you drive so that you can get back to work or so you can get to your next appointment. It should not be surprising that a few hours later you feel sluggish, bloated or have heartburn. Eating processed foods while under stress is a recipe for a digestive system malfunction.

How do you know if you have a digestive problem? Some of the symptoms of the inability to digest food properly may be:

  • Excessive burping
  • Gas
  • Occasional diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, what can you do to correct the problem rather than just mask the symptom?

The first thing you can do is chew your food thoroughly (each mouthful should be chewed about 20 times before swallowing).

Digestion begins in the mouth. Next, take your time eating and relax… stress while eating hinders the digestive process. Also, do not wash your food down with liquids. Save the drinks for 30 minutes before or up to 2 hours after a meal. Liquids during a meal can dilute the acid (digestive juices) necessary to digest food in your stomach. Lastly, eat smaller meals… putting too much food into your stomach overloads your whole digestive system.

If you still suffer from chronic digestive problems, then stop popping the antacids and see someone who specializes in digestion and nutrition to help you find what is causing your problem.

You may also want to try Papaya from the grocery store. Fennel seeds have been know to help with digestion.

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