Chia Seeds, A Simple Guide for a Healthy Lifestyle

Chia Seeds, A Simple Guide for a Healthy Lifestyle

What happens when a tiny seed called Chia, best known for its commercial name Chia Pet, is explored and consumed for its incredible health benefits?
Researcher and creative author Paul E DiPrizito, aka Paul E, answers these questions and more in Chia Seeds: An interview with Researcher William Anderson, (67 pages, $8.95), a simple guide and reference book explored through the eyes of Chia expert William Anderson.

Ellen Z, radio personality from The Wolfe in the Morning talk show in New York, says, “Paul E DiPrizito is a gifted writer with wisdom and imagination. He has moved from writing creative stories and bloomed into the field of researching and seeking out great information for our everyday use that is simple and to the point.

Chia Seeds: An Interview with Researcher William Anderson covers a wide range of territory with a simple format. What is Chia? What health benefits does Chia offer? The book clearly explains the features and benefits of Chia seeds such as lowering cholesterol, controlling blood sugar levels, weight loss and a description of its incredible nutrition profile. Chia seeds are also high in vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy heart. Complimented with 10 simple recipes, all this and more through a simple 20 question interview with Chia expert William Anderson.”

Doctor George Babitsky, MD, diabetes specialist from New York City, says, “Chia Seeds is a very simple book to use. You don’t have to read it all at once; just pick a topic such as diabetes, weight loss, etc., and William Anderson answers it for you clearly and concisely. A good read minus the long-drawn-out history description of the seed like in most books – just features and benefits.”

His worldwide insight and experience has led him to many interesting projects such as his new blogs on Chia seed and his new book Chia Seeds which has grabbed the attention of many in the health field. The book touches on


  • Chia seeds benefits
  • Chia seeds side effects
  • Chia seed recipes
  • Chia seeds nutrition
  • How to use Chia Seeds


“William Anderson has spent years researching the benefits of Chia Seeds. This book offers the inside story of his quest for a natural supplement/food that will improve the health of millions. Every reader will appreciate his amazing gift to society, as I do.” Camille Lavington, International Business Consultant.
William Anderson is a native of Massachusetts who has dedicated the last twenty years to the research and development of Chia seeds through his consulting company, Solutions Consulting in California.

Paul E DiPrizito is a writer and researcher, covering various topics such as health, food, personal organizing, and everyday social topics. His background in the pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals industry compliments his wide range of experience.

Paul E, aka Paul DiPrizito, founded Carlyle Collection Publishing back in 1998. Writing all his life, he wanted to create a home and place for his literary work. As years went on, Paul has been able to assist other writers and business people with all aspects of writing and publishing.
Paul has a wealth of experience in many areas such as health, nutrition, professional organizing, inventing, business and the culinary arts. The main focus of his work remains in research, interviewing and consulting.

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